Welcome to Canal Print Rioja - Your One Stop Print Shop

Although some restrictions have been lifted with respect to the CoronaVirus outbreak, which has caused so much havoc with all our lives, Kelly and I cannot with all consciousness re-open the office at this time. Both of us have vulnerable individuals within our immediate family groups - I am one of them - and we do not want to put them at risk by coming into contact with someone who might be infected. Hope you all understand.

However, we will be able to continue to provide you with a service for printing etc but in a slightly different way, although for quite a few of you it will be exactly as before. You email us what you want, we reply, send you the artwork, you confirm then we print and deliver. It is how it worked before so why not now.

But do not come to the office and do not try to phone. Please please simply email us on canalprintThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond - unless of course you are one of those few customers who still owe us money!

And, of course, to those clients who need to re-open within the strict regulations of social distancing let us know what you need in respect of wall and door signs, floor markings, even protective screens, and we will see what we can do for you.

Bars and restaurants in particular who are no longer allowed to hand out food or cocktails menus - we can supply large signs which your staff can hold up for viewing without customers coming into contact with them. It will only be a short term measure but it will be worth it. BUT if we suddenly become inundated with requests it will have to be on a strictly first come first served basis. If we already have your artwork on file it will of course be much easier so please do not make any unnecessary amendments, as we will need to simply your original menus anyway.

Above all everyone, stay safe and let's get through this.